The best keyboard for programmers...

After IBM Model M that is. On that note - I could not bear the hideous sound of mechanical switches and there is no need for me to keep my poor neighbors up all night.

So without further ado - I present my trusty Thinkpad USB Keyboard With Trackpoint

I always loved my T60 keyboard, I am also one of those (few?) people who massively prefer Trackpoint over Trackpad. After my old keyboard started giving in to age, I was furiously searching for a replacement. I really wanted something compact, and possibly with Trackpoint, because this was key point why working on my T60 has been such a joy. Programming for extended periods of time, while constantly reaching for mouse was always painful for me.

I have been using this keyboard for past 4 months and after working out some driver issues (shame on You Lenovo!) this keyboard has been a blast to use. Previously there have been some reports about sticky shift key, which has been apparently worked out for a while (it was a driver issue). Also some people report this keyboard being flexy, there is some truth to that. Although Lenovo tried their best (there is even metal frame inside) since there is not a whole laptop computer beneath it, it feels flexier than original. However It does not bother me personally at all and can't really imagine going back to non Trackpoint keyboard for professional work.

There are some other keyboards with integrated sticks, but they are either not very good or have various support issues. So if you are like me, you might enjoy this keyboard.